“If caring for skin was not specific, esthetics would not be a science.”


What our clients say about their treatment

Kristin at About Face offers an inviting, relaxing environment for personalized facials, skin treatments & hair care. Her calm presence is warm & welcoming. She has up-to-date knowledge & a long list of loyal clients. You won’t be disappointed!!
Deborah Pickering
Megan Dysart
When I was in 30s, I was one of Kristin’s first clients. Three decades later, she is still taking care of my skin! Her treatments have kept my skin supple, elastic, and youthful; and the compliments I receive always make me smile. Her home care treatment plan makes for perfect maintenance between appointments and I am unable to match her professional style when south for the winter.
Patricia, Northeast Harbor, Maine
In such a short period of time I have been amazed in the changes I have seen in my skin since working with Kristin. I had no idea how much goes into correctly managing and improving a condition, let alone realizing I had such issues! I never thought I would see the fullness, smoothness, and tone she has achieved in very few appointments. My youthful glow is back! Thanks, Kristin!
Sherrie, Brewer, Maine
My experiences in having facial care have been long and wide; traveling both nationally and internationally, I have encountered several “spa” experiences. Truthfully, none are as complete as what I receive from Kristin. I often long for the comfort of her warm, cozy facial chair with the perfect ambiance while her hands are working in such experienced fashion. She has an extremely thorough and educated approach to each client with nothing packaged.
Melinda, Waterville, Maine
When I go to see Kristin, I immediately feel cared for and realize she has control over why I am there. I am lost in the relaxation of her environment and know she will yet again make significant improvements to my condition. She keeps solid records for each treatment to follow my progress and with several imported skincare lines, rotates my home care products to keep my skin “on task.”
LeAnn, Hampden, Maine